Marshside Road Methodist Church

Mission Statement

"Through fellowship, nurture and all-inclusive worship Marshside Methodist Church aims to provide an inviting, welcoming and all-embracing environment that brings glory to God and fulfils God's vision for both the current Church family and all people of the local Community."

Worship Policy

For some time now the Leadership Team has been reflecting on our patterns of worship and what best suits our particular congregation. At the last Church Council meeting we brought our musing for discussion and Church Council agreed to adopt the following worship policy. This policy has been brought to the attention of the local Preacher’s secretary and it is hoped that the local Preachers of the circuit will also subscribe to it when leading worship at Marshside.

As agreed at Church Council on 30th June 2016

1st Sunday of each month:

9am communion service following the liturgy of the Methodist Worship Book with short message and service lasting no more than 45 minutes.

10.30am All age parade service accompanied by the piano with lively worship and appropriate bible stories and prayers. Lasting no longer than 45 minutes

2nd & 4th Sundays of each month:

Start with 10-15 minutes of all age worship using a least one Duggie Dug Dug type song and appropriate worship, bible stories, prayers etc. Long or difficult bible readings and prayers kept until the young people and children have left for their own activities.

3rd Sunday of each month:

Communion service using Methodist Worship Book or other liturgy that is appropriate to the time and season, e.g. Family Friendly Churches. Children and young people will be in for the start of the service and will re-join us during the hymn before Communion.

Younger children leave after they have received communion.

5th Sunday, when there is one:

All age worship following the pattern of a parade service.

Twice a quarter:

Evening praise in the lounge. Contemporary/alternative forms of worship.

Resources available:

Worship leaders – Avril Merone and Stan Rimmer

Hymn books – Singing the Faith, Hymns and Psalms, Songs of Fellowship combined words edition.

Organists – Marjory Jewell

Pianist – Liz Tomkins

Choir – Glenn Howard (choir master)

Screens including internet access – Mike Owen