Marshside Road Methodist Church



The school was established as a playgroup 19 years ago to serve the needs of the local community. It has grown and developed into a much sought after peripheral education provision.

The main aim of the Pre-school is to have happy children by creating a warm and friendly atmosphere within which the children can have fun, make friends and learn and develop through play. We provide space and freedom to allow chidren to develop and extend their existing skills at their own pace by giving them opportunities to experiment and practice new ideas.

The Pre-school is a registered charity and fees are paid per term or weekly.

We follow the foundation stage curriculum organised into six areas of learning:

(a) Language and Literacy;

(b) Mathematics;

(c) Knowledge and Understanding of the World;

(d) Physical;

(e) Creative;

(f) Personal and Social Care.

This starts at the age of 3 and ceases at the end of the childs reception year.

All staff are qualified nursery nurses and first aiders.