Marshside Road Methodist Church

Function Room Hire

Marshside Road Methodist Church is situated approximately 2 miles outside Southport, the Church building offers 5 different sized rooms that can be used for a variety of activities and meetings. There is onsite parking both at the front and rear of the Church (with extra space available on the Church field).

Appropriate usage

As our rooms are inside a Methodist Church building, the intended usage for all bookings is subject to approval and there are a few things that aren't appropriate. For example, the consumption of alcohol, smoking and gambling.

  1. Secretaries of Church Committees to notify Letting Officer of dates of meetings and regular Church events (e.g. Church Council Meetings), Annual Events, Ancillary Events etc preferably one month in advance.
  2. Casual lettings may not be booked more than 3 months in advance.
  3. Sunday Lettings are not permitted.
  4. If premises are required for refreshment, e.g. Funeral of a Church member, previous bookings may be asked to change room or dates.
  5. When taking bookings due consideration must be given if children are on the premises, e.g. Boys'/Girls' Brigade.
  6. If the Church Hall is being used by an outside organisation, the Hall side rooms may be used by a Church group. However if the Hall is being used by a Church Group, the Hall side rooms cannot be let out.
  7. Lettings of the Church itself requires premission from the Minister.
  8. Lettings of the Vestry are not permitted to non Church Groups; Use of the Vestry by Church Groups requires permission of the Minister.
  9. Church Groups should not expect outside lettings to move rooms/times or dates without prior agreement from the Letting Officer.
  10. Lounge and Primary rooms will not normally be let out on the same dates and times to outside organisations, one will always be kept free for Church Group activities if required.
  11. Letting Officer or Property Committee Stewards are the contact points for maintenance matters.
  12. Letting Officer must be advised if internal arrangements, e.g. changes to times, dates or rooms are made between Church Groups or individuals prior to changes being initiated.
  13. Unless letting fees are paid one month in advance of booking date the reservation will be cancelled.


Contact the Lettings Officer (Mr Bob Rowlandson) on 01704 - 224689 for more details and to discuss availability/hire charges

Church Hall

The Church Hall is the biggest room available for private hire, it can seat 150 people for meetings/presentations and approximately 80 people for meals (see the details of the Kitchen below). Sturdy tables and chairs are available for use. The Hall is perfect for Children's Birthday parties, a large stage stands at one end and there is amble room for a bouncy castle and party games etc. A sound system for music and microphones can be provided if required.

Church Hall Hire Rates : £16.50 per hour.

Ground Floor Side Room

Next to the Church Hall is the Ground Floor Side Room, it can comfortably seat 12 people for small group meetings. Sturdy tables and chairs are provided and a heater is available for those winter evenings.

Side Room Hire Rates : £7.50 per hour.

Church Lounge

The second largest room available for hire is the Church Lounge. Situated at the back of the Church it is the newest part of the Church building and can seat 80 people for meetings and can also be used for small scale children's parties. The Church Lounge is next to the Kitchen and a serving hatch links the two rooms to allow food and drink to be served. Chairs and tables are available and a sound system can be provided if required.

Church Lounge Hire Rates : £13.50 per hour.


The Primary is a medium sized room that can seat 20 people for meetings etc. Chairs and tables can be provided if required.

Primary Hire Rates : £9.50 per hour.


With access from the Church Hall and Church Lounge the Kitchen provides a large double oven gas cooker (with 8 gas burners and grill), a hot water boiler and industrial dish washer.

In February 2014, the 40 year old Kitchen units and sinks were completely replaced by a modern, fitted, professionally installed kitchen as shown in the photos. The new kitchen is fully equipped with plates, cutlery, mugs, cups/saucers and a large table/island for food preparation.

Letting Policy

Payment of Fees

The room will not be considered booked until the appropriate fees have been paid to the Letting Officer.

For casual letting, payment must be paid at the time of booking.

For contract letting, payment will be made one month in advance and maintained throughout the term of contract.


Booking fees will only be refundable if the hirer or Letting Officer can find a replacement hirer. Contract hiring are for periods of twelve months only and renewable on an annual basis.


Contract hirers will be responsible for the safe unlocking and locking of premises.

Casual hirers will be given access by a responsible church officer or the Letting Officer.

Cancellation of Bookings

Prior to function commencing, should the committee be of the opinion, or be made aware of, that the function is unsuitable, it shall have full power to cancel the engagement without notice and return all monies paid. The Church shall not be held liable to pay compensation in respect of the cancellation.

The Church reserves the right to cancel any letting should an emergency use of the rooms be required. In such circumstances the full booking fee will be refunded, but shall not be held liable to pay compensation to any person in respect of the cancellation.

Permitted Number of Persons per Room

The maximum number of people per room is a follows :-

  • Church Hall - 150
  • Lounge - 85
  • Primary - 25
  • Small Lounge - 12

Social and Other Functions

All functions must be of a private nature.

Admissions must be by ticket only. Tickets cannot be sold or money tendered at the entrance to the hall

The hirer is required to ensure that all persons are suitably dressed and wearing footwear that will not damage the floor.

Loss of Property

The committee will not under any circumstances accept responsibility or liability in respect of damage to or loss of property, articles and things whatsoever placed or left on the premises by the hirer.

Conduct of Patrons

The hirer shall be responsible for the proper conduct of all persons using the hall and shall arrange for a number of competent persons to act as stewards during the whole period of the booking. In the event of any persons acting in such a manner as to cause annoyance or inconvenience to other persons, the hirer shall take all necessary steps to deal with the offender.

Damage of Premises

The hirer shall not drive any nail, screw or other fastenings into walls, floor, platforms or furniture. Should any damage be done to the buildings, fittings, furniture or apparatus, the hirer must defray the full expense of making good the same. The committee shall be sole judge of the damage done and the amount payable thereof. Any property owned by the committee that is lost or missing from any rooms during or in connection with the engagement must be paid for by the hirer. A guarantee of security against loss or damage will be demanded, if necessary in the opinion of the committee. No electrical or other fittings or appliances in the halls must be altered, removed or in any way interfered with, or additional fittings of appliances in connection with any function without the approval of the committee, through the Letting Officer, first being obtained.


No decorations, flags, emblems etc will be allowed without prior permission of the committee.

Car Parking

The hirer shall be responsible for the car parking and arrangements for vehicles and indemnify the committee against damage or loss.

Setting out of Halls

It is the responsibility of the hirer to set out halls for their functions, and to leave the premises as found in a clean and tidy condition returning tables/chairs as found.

Copyright Works, Proprietary Rights, Royalties etc

The hirer shall not use the rooms or any part thereof for performing in public of any music, dramatic works, plays etc, or any other type of proprietary rights, or in any manner infringe subsisting copyright or proprietary rights. The hirer shall indemnify the committee against all sums of money which the committee may have to pay by any infringement of copyright or any type of proprietary rights during the period of hire covered by the agreement.

The hirer must obtain the necessary licence, authorisation or permission, which must be produced to the Letting Officer not later than 24 hours before the function takes place. The committee may require details of any items that may be performed.

Hours of Opening

The hours of opening will be arranged with the Letting Officer at the time of booking. All lettings must cease by 11pm.

Special Arrangements

The Letting Officer must be consulted five days in advance of the function if any special arrangements are required.


Cheques should be made payable to Marshside Road Methodist Church and paid to the Letting Officer.