Marshside Road Methodist Church

Junior Missions for All (JMA)


JMA is doing well, there are 14 children on the register, some have one box between two children, but they all receive a JMA Certificate and Badge at our annual JMA Service.

In addition, 17 adults have a JMA box and they regularly put loose change in or make a donation.

JMA stands for Junior Mission for All and it started in 1812 when a man called Joseph Blake heard about missionary work and asked the children in his Sunday School class to save half pennies for missionary work. However due to a misunderstanding by the children's parents who thought the money was to pay for the staff wages Joseph returned the cash and put in an equal amount from his own finances. In 1841, JMA became part of the Methodist Church.

Out of every £5, £1 is used for Mission in Britain and the other £4 is used in other parts of the World Church. At Marshside Road, we usually raise £250 to £300 per annum and I feel we do very well. I am grateful to our children and adults who contribute so regularly to JMA.

I hope we continue to raise money and carry on helping others less fortunate than ourselves.

Contact Elaine Evans on 227765 for more details.