Marshside Road Methodist Church


Church History

The Church was built in 1878 and replaced a smaller building which had been on the site since 1832. It was then extended in 1897 to include a schoolroom to the rear.

The present Church was designed by Mr R. Owen, a Liverpool Architect. It cost £1864 to build which was raised by the "local widows and poor folk" of the area.

It was mainly funded by the local Shrimpers of the area, who went out twice a day shrimping. They went once in the morning to sell shrimps for themselves, then when they went out the second time, the money was put into the Church funds.

The first picture on the right shows Marshside Road Methodist Church as it looked in 1924. By comparing this with the present-day photo, it is clear how little the church has changed over the years, despite major changes to its surroundings.

A Brief History of the organs at Marshside Road Methodist Church.

Our old organ, which had served us very well for many years, became very unreliable, and the decision was made to fundraise for a new electronic instrument, after consultation that to make the necessary repairs plus the on-going maintenance would make the organ fund un-sustainable.

The specification of this organ can be found here

After contacting a few different suppliers, and having demonstrations of various instruments, the decision was made to place an order with Makin of Oldham for a new 3-manual digital organ.

The old pipe organ was broken up with some pipes weighed in for scrap to a value of £138. The only remaining pipes are the front central façade pipes, the pipes either side are decorative. The sound boards from the old organ have been used to put some of the speakers on.

Makin MT441 Organ

The Makin organ was installed in 1997 and dedicated on 22nd October 1997 by the Bishop of Liverpool, Bishop A Harris. The old pipe organ was beyond economical repair and was completely removed apart from the front facia pipes you can see above the organ console.

The specification of the current 3-manual Makin organ is:

Pedal Great
Open Wood - 16Bourdon - 16
Violone - 16Open Diapason I - 8
Bourdon - 16Open Diapason II - 8
Octave - 8 Stopped Diapason - 8
Bass Flute - 8 Principal - 4
Choral Bass - 4 Wald Flute - 4
Bombarde - 32Twelfth - 2.2/3
Trombone - 16Fifteenth - 2
Trumpet - 8 Fourniture - IV
Posaune - 8
Swell Choir
Geigen Diapason - 8Hohl Flute - 8
Lieblich Gedackt - 8Dulciana - 8
Echo Gamba - 8Gemshorn - 4
Voix Celeste - 8Chimney Flute - 4
Principal - 4Nazard - 2.2/3
Stopped Flute - 4Block Flute - 2
Fifteenth - 2Tierce - 1.3/5
Mixture - VCymbal - II-III
Oboe - 8Clarinet - 8
Contra Fagotto - 16Tuba - 8
Trumpet - 8
Clarion - 4


  • Swell to Great
  • Swell to Pedal
  • Swell to Choir
  • Great to Pedal
  • Choir to Great
  • Choir to Pedal
  • Tremulant – Swell
  • Tremulant – Choir
  • Great and Pedal combs. Coupled
  • Great and Pedal Enclosed
  • Auto Pedal
  • Manuals: 3 x 61 note
  • Pedals: 32 note radiating concave
  • 8 Channel amplification/spealer system
  • MIDI in, out and thru

Piston Capture System:

  • 8 thumb pistons to the Choir organ
  • 8 thumb pistons to the Swell organ
  • 8 thumb pistons to the Great organ
  • 8 toe pistons to the Pedal organ
  • 8 General thumb pistons with 3 memories
Marshside Road Methodist Church circa 1928 Marshside Road Methodist Church present day