Marshside Road Methodist Church


Best available knowledge suggests that there has been a Choir at Marshside Methodist Church
since its earliest days, most certainly within the living memory of some of the Church members which quite easily go back over eighty years.


The choir had a difficult and indecisive year after Ruth stepped down, with no choir mistress. However, after prayerful consideration, I decided to take the choir on, and Liz Tomkins agreed to help me out as conductor.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank Ruth for all the hard work and encouragement she put into the choir. I would also like to thank her for all the support she has given me whilst I was prayerfully considering taking on the leadership of the choir.

Under my leadership, we have learnt a few pieces, and continue to practice items for benedictions, introits and anthems to use in services.

Choir practices fluctuate with numbers ranging from 10 to 16.

As always, we welcome some new faces to join our choir, and you would be made most welcome.

We hope to hold an open evening in the near future, so you can come along and share a few pieces of music, and of course tea and biscuits.

Contact Glenn Howard on 840485 for more details.

Choir History

Over the years choir members have inevitably fluctuated, and some can recall choirs of up to fifty members and for "special" occasions e.g. performances of the Messiah exceed sixty. At present the choir has some twenty-four members, a number which compares favourably with other church choirs in the area.

We are aware that numbers are not the most important factor and are gratified to have members who have a real interest in our purpose, which is to assist in leading the praise and contributing to the worship of God.

Periodically we are "Advised" to forget the past, but are conscious of following a long standing tradition in Methodism and Marshside Road in particular. And do not forget those who have gone before us and helped to build what we have today.

We extend a warm invitation to anyone (particularly male voices) to come along and help to continue the choir into the future and to maintain the long tradition of singing praise to Almighty God.